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See what other people are saying about Cornerstone Apartments in Henderson, NV! Here, we truly value our resident’s voices, and we look forward to what each of them has to say. We encourage each resident to share their honest experience of living at Cornerstone so that we can continue to improve. At our Henderson apartments, we strive to fully design our 89074 community with the resident in mind. Schedule a tour of our Henderson apartments for rent, and see for yourself better living. Choose Cornerstone today.


Very clean and upscale place


I feel very at home here. The leasing staff is so helpful and they're so friendly. I really appreciate the sense of community.


If you're looking for a nice place to live, come to Griffis Cornerstone Park! The complex is located in a great location. It's near the freeway and great eats. The ladies in the office always wears a smile in their face. Every time I come in for coffee they always say hello. The coffee machine is amazing!



Its such a great place to live. The ladies in the office are the best, they're so nice and friendly.


I love living here!!! The office staff is very helpful and professional.


Always an amazing experience. Problems arise but it is all about how they are dealt with. Griffis Cornerstone always put my needs first and made me feel they valued me. Just signed a new lease and have no plans of leaving. Thanks girls!


I lived at Griffis Cornerstone Park for about a year. I really wasn't ready to move out, but I had to move to Florida so I had to. I absolutely loved my apartment. I had a third floor one bedroom unit that was just gorgeous, luxurious, and had amazing views. I snagged it for a great price as well. I had some major issues with my downstairs neighbor disliking my large dog walking around in my apartment, and management handled it professionally and usually very quickly. They were willing to listen to both of our sides of the situation, and I really appreciated their honesty. I think they handled it the best they could, and the neighbor downstairs ended up moving out. For those 5 months or so that he lived there, he would bang on his ceiling/my floor so much that it really made me feel uneasy. Other than that, I had an amazing time living there. No apartment living is perfect, but this one was close! :)


I've been living in this apartment complex for 8 months now. Friendly people in the office. Free 24 hour fitness center to workout and get things off my mind. Also, there's a coffee machine to drink some amazing hot chocolate. Maintenance team is awesome. It's close the park (arroyo grande sports complex & cornerstone park). Also fast food joints I like to dine at. Nice & quite area.


I would like to say the staff at Griffis Cornerstone Park, is very professional. Everything my husband and I have needed has been taken care of! What a beautiful place to live and call home! We are very happy to be living here. Thank you office staff, and grounds keepers! Especially maintenance.

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